by on February 10, 2014 in NEWS ABOUT MICHAEL SCHATTE

Don’t miss Michael’s contribution to the February edition of Numero Cinq, a wonderful literary website founded and edited by Douglas Glover, Canada’s brilliant Governor-General’s Award winning writer of fiction. Schatte has contributed an essay on songcraft method and inspiration which uses a previously unreleased song of his, Our Sun Sets Early, as a case study. The song will be available exclusively on Numero Cinq until its release on Michael’s new album of music later this year.

Says Glover in his introduction, “..the incomparable Michael Schatte… is a dream of a guitar player, a dashing performer, but also a thoughtful and self-conscious artist. His advice and wisdom, his methods, can cross-pollinate to any other art; he works with words and sounds and rhythms while others ply different media, but the work is always work. And he is so damned quotable.”

Hear the song and read the essay, which Glover calls “knowing and literate” here.

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