RELEASED: Thursday, March 9th, 2006
ARTIST: Michael Schatte
LABEL: Independent
PRODUCER: Michael Schatte
Hard Ticket

Recorded in 2005 and released the following year, Hard Ticket marks Schatte’s first recorded output solely under his own name. Featuring eight originals (Room for MeSlow Burn, and Tipsy On the Cork in particular are clear Schatte fan favourites) and six covers of songs by the likes of Van Morrison, Daniel Lanois, Richard Thompson, and others, Hard Ticket remains both a great album and a pivotal step in Schatte’s musical evolution.

1. Turn
2. Room For Me

3. Hey Pocky Way
4. Crying Uncle

5. The Hardest Part

6. Tear Stained Letter

7. If You Be My Baby

8. Slow Burn

9. All Work and No Play

10. Tipsy On the Cork
11. Under a Stormy Sky
12. Big Chimney
13. Aspasia
14. Five Alive

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