DATE: Friday, December 3rd, 2021
TIME: 8:00 pm

The Michael Schatte Band – Conundrum Album Release Concert w/ Special Guest Tom Lockwood

Join two of Canada’s finest guitarists for a night of exciting and eclectic electric roots music. The Michael Schatte Band returns to Chatham for the long-awaited release of Schatte’s new album Conundrum, a 15-song collection that has generated both domestic and international acclaim for the Chatham-born (and now Toronto-based) songwriter and performer. France’s Le Zicazine called Conundrum “over an hour of virtuosity,” while British Columbia’s Gonzo Okanagan notes that “sharp lyrics, lively tunes, breathtaking guitar playing and a tight sound make this album a delight… Conundrum is so damn cool it’s almost insane.” Don’t miss an opportunity to experience what award-winning Muddy Waters biographer Sandra B. Tooze calls Michael’s “red-hot guitar work, gorgeous vocals, and superb songwriting,” supported here by a talented electric backing band.

Also on the bill is Chatham’s Tom Lockwood, a world-class guitarist known here and abroad for his acoustic and electric guitar work as both composer and performer. Praised by Don Ross, Liona Boyd, Guitar Player Magazine and many others, Lockwood has a lifetime of impressive musical accomplishments to his credit. He and Schatte have a long history together (Michael was Tom’s guitar student while still a teenager, and since then the two have often collaborated on stage and in the studio), so concert-goers can expect fiery guitar exchanges between these two genre-bending players before the night is over.


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