RELEASED: Friday, May 29th, 2015
ARTIST: Michael Schatte
LABEL: Independent
PRODUCER: Michael Schatte, Randy Cassidy (Associate Producer)
Turn Back the Vikings

Released in May of 2015, Turn Back the Vikings is a stunning collection of original work from the man Numero Cinq Magazine recently called “a dream of a guitar player, a dashing performer, but also a thoughtful and self-conscious artist.”  Recorded in Toronto and mixed in Austin, Texas by Simon Tassano (longtime engineer for folk-rock legend Richard Thompson, whose Sam Jones is the sole cover song on the record), Vikings is Schatte’s finest effort to date.  In a recent review of the record, Britain’s Blues Matters! Magazine called him “one of the best undiscovered songwriters of our times.”  Download the digital booklet (PDF file containing song lyrics and album credits) here.

1.  The Rehabilistate

2.  Northern Dancer Boulevard

3.  Honey Doll

4. Turn Back the Vikings

5.  If I Find Love and Leave It Be

6. Odessa

7.  Baby’s On the Border

8.  Push, Pull, and Swing

9. Pistol On Her Pillow

10.  All for Me

11.  Old Ties Gone

12.  Sam Jones

13.  Bring You Round

14.  Our Sun Sets Early

15.  Ottawa

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